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Backache? Knee pain?  Hairpulling stress?  We got the fix.

Why practice Bikram Yoga?

Meet some of our students.  

They do yoga for all types of reasons.  Many of them practice with us to lessen chronic pain, heal old injuries,  and relieve stress.  No matter how they come in feeling, they always leave feeling a hundred times better.  

I got bloodwork done last year and it was not looking good.  Six months into a regular yoga practice at BYF and my doctors are amazed at my progress.  I feel half my age.

Jeremy, BYF student

New to hot yoga?

Ability to touch your toes, not required.

All classes consist of the same postures and sequence, so you can start from where you are right now and make improvements over time.  Our dedicated teachers have your back every step of the way.

Follow the link below to get started on your new student registration.  Pick a class on our schedule that works for you.  Come on in.  Sweat it out. 


And hey, you might even get to touch your toes again soon.

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